Fuel ‘Sunburn’ 20th Anniversary LP


fuel sunburn vinyl

It’s been two decades since Fuel first dropped their debut full length Sunburn. The album saw huge commercial success for the band, led by the single ’Shimmer’ cranking out of every alternative rock station on the planet in the Summer of ’98.

Sunburn was certified Platinum, selling in excess of one million copies, yet the original vinyl pressing is nearly impossible to find.

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, Wargod is proud to present Sunburn on vinyl format, officially licensed from Sony / Epic.

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fuel sunburn vinyl

Album includes liner notes from founding member and principal songwriter of Sunburn, Carl Bell.

Bell notes:

“We started recording Sunburn at Longview Farms, a beautiful 200 year old 1,500 acre farm in Massachusetts converted into a residential recording studio for the Rolling Stones, complete with a Keith Richards suite with no windows, but a hot tub in the room …the whole experience was surreal.”

He adds“It was at a time just before computer recording had taken full hold, so we were recording old school. No Pro Tools, no Auto-Tune, just the best performance you could get onto 2 inch tape. It was a lot to take in, and the pressure of getting it all performed and recorded correctly was immense.”

“I can look back at the songs now and I can remember how the world felt for me then. I can hear the struggle and the frustration and all the feelings I was dealing with in those days. It’s like an audible snapshot of my life at that time for me in many ways.”

Pressed on 180 gram vinyl and available on two color variations including red vinyl (limited to 300 copies) and orange vinyl (limited to 700 copies).

A release date is set for June 29th with pre-orders expected to ship early.

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